4 kittens and their mother are looking for new homes!

The kittens are approximately 3 months old, the mother is around 1 year old, all of them are vaccinated and wormed, the mother is neutered. All of them are very friendly and they are great with kids and are used to being around dogs. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN GIVING ONE OF THEM (OR MAYBE MORE?) A LOVING HOME THEY DESERVE!


Lola (Mammy cat): Is very affectionate and loves to cuddle, you can see where Tony gets his personality from. Lola is one of a kind and will be happy to get away from her kittens!!


Pip (female): Formally known as Tiger has been renamed because she doesn’t have a strong voice and when she tries to meow it comes out more like a squeak, hence the name pip (squeak) she is adorable and great with kids and dogs


Tigger (female): is always on the go and often plays with Tony, they really get on like a house on fire often annoying the others with their antics. Their great to watch, i’d love to see them homed together.


Tilly (female) is very sweet kitten and likes her quite time. She’s not as active as the rest but loves to hunt for fly’s and enjoys playing with her fish toy. She would be happy to go to a quite environment and maybe suited to a family with no young kids.


Tony (Male): most out going of the lot and more brazen than the rest. Great kitten with a great personality, Tony is a very affectionate cat and loves a good belly rub.

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